Maple Worksheets to

Calculus 6/e, Early Transcendentals-Matrix Version

by Harald Pleym

This package of worksheets provides a dynamic Maple supplement to the textbook Calculus 6/e, Early Transcendentals-Matrix Version by C. Henry Edwards and David E. Penney. The structure of the package is virtually identical to the textbook's table of contents, and the worksheets are intended for use in conjunction with study of the book itself. The examples and problems presented here are interactive versions of those in the textbook. Hence students and instructors using Maple can change input data and conditions in an example or problem to investigate the resulting changes in step-by-step solutions and accompanying graphs and figures.

To profit optimally from these worksheets, you should work through the examples and problems in sequence as you study the textbook. You are not assumed to be an experienced Maple user. Indeed, you can work through the Maple worksheets presented here simply by opening them and pressing the Enter key repeatedly to execute in sequence the Maple commands that are already provided. But if you examine these commands, you should see how input parameters and functions given in the textbook examples have been inserted and might be altered in order to see how the results would change.

Versions of Maple (Maple 14 and later) must be installed on your computer. To explore this collection of worksheets, simply open the worksheet and examine its two sections:

Preface - An expanded version of this introduction, with additional details.
Table of Contents - With chapters and sections of the textbook hyperlinked to the corresponding Maple worksheets.

Your typical working session will then begin by opening the worksheet, going to the Table of Contents, and selecting the link to the textbook chapter and section that you wish to study.

Please contact Harald Pleym to get the downloaded version of the Maple worksheets.

Harald Pleym, Porsgrunn, Norway